Welcome to Premier Dialysis Centers we work closely with physicians, families and caretakers to coordinate dialysis sessions with our patients' lives and lifestyles. Our emphasis on comfort, dignity and superior patient care guarantees a treatment experience unlike any other.


Premier Dialysis Centers is dedicated to providing a superior dialysis treatment experience to residents of long-term care facilities as well as patients from the community. Our dialysis centers are developed in cooperation with long-term care facilities that are looking for a better quality of life for dialysis residents and care that is provided along a continuum.

Through a collaborative approach, the Premier Dialysis professional team strives to combine: technological innovation, age-appropriate care, and compassionate communication to effect positive clinical outcomes that reduce illness and enhance well-being.

The Premier Dialysis team believes that when dialysis becomes a part of life it should be administered with the highest quality of care, at convenient locations, in comfortable settings and always with uncompromised dignity.

Premier Dialysis Centers have several advantages:

  • Convenient locations in North and West County.
  • Private and semi-private suites with individual entertainment centers.
  • Leadership by Board-Certified Nephrologists.


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